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Born in Dublin, Ireland, Louise is currently living and working in London. She started her photographic career after graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a BA hons in Photography in 1997.

She is passionate about the world and its inhabitants. She has travelled extensively and worked for some of the worlds most renowned NGO’s such as Unicef and Oxfam. Louise’s photos tell stories of human social issues. Her interest lies in documenting the lives of people from different cultures and backgrounds with a focus on our coexistence and shared living spaces.

She has an intuitive, perceptive and sensitive approach to her work.  She has been invited by international and local NGO’s to photograph people sharing small shanty homes in Latin America, students sharing dormitories in one of England’s top boarding schools, prisoners sharing cells in UK’s prisons and abandoned children living in childrens homes.  She also carries out private commissions for individuals and families.

She has a selection of fine art photos with Millenium Picture Library. Her work has been exhibited in Nottingham, Beirut, Barcelona, Bogota and London.

Her personal work can be bought from the Saatchi online gallery and her Artfinder store.

Louise is available for national and international commissions.

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Louise O’Gorman

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